“Side By Side is a story of broken promises, personal struggle, and the amazing grace of Jesus Christ in the lives of Steve and Lisa Goldberg. God does his best work in the worst of times and in this marriage miracle the seemingly impossible is seen in His redemptive and restorative work. All who see it will be graciously renewed by the truth and forgiveness which has been given by Jesus. Nothing is too difficult for God!"
Eddie Bevill, Senior Pastor, Parkridge Church (Coral Springs, FL)

"Your story is amazing and life-changing. The testimony that you two can offer is incredible and I would encourage you to share it with as many people as possible."

—Steve Boyette, Deacon, Parkridge Church (Coral Springs, FL)

“I was challenged more to be authentic”

"Boy, did you guys overwhelm a crowd last night with your powerful testimony. I was personally amazed at your composure while sharing such a painful memory and all the while taking breaks to sing/play without your emotions getting the better of you. I constantly wanted to storm the stage to give each of you a hug. Through song and story, I was quickly drawn into the memory and my heart broke for each of you.  Most of all, I was honored to sit and view authenticity as God intended for the church family to share with one another. You wore no masks and let each of us into a very dark time in your marriage all to show us how God brought healing.  Overall, I was challenged. Challenged to be more authentic because that is how we learn from each other. I was challenged to make my marriage a priority. I was challenged to think about making my husband an omelet every morning (and I HATE mornings)!!"

Ali Bragdon 

“The combination of Gospel, story, and song is an amazing art form”

“Steve and Lisa Goldberg bring a powerful testimony of God’s victory over real life marriage struggles that – although they are common – are not often discussed. The Goldbergs’ combination of Gospel, story, and song is an amazing art form that will resonate with any couple. Though Side-by-Side is about the Goldberg’s struggles, story, & victory, they are not the stars of the show – their message points people to Jesus Christ. I heartily recommend Side-by-Side to any organization hoping to inspire and encourage couples to persevere and discover God’s best for their lives.”

Cory Kuhn, Pastor

"What a blessing to hear your testimony tonight!! It was very inspirational and I was truly touched to the core! God spoke to me in so many ways through you!! I pray for His continued blessings upon this ministry."

-Jean Lucier

"Everything we experienced that evening was unique; from the candid-speak, to the way the stories and songs were interwoven.  This is not a performance, but story telling at it’s finest"

We heard about Side By Side from Steve and Lisa Goldberg.  We understood that Side by Side would be their story, their marriage story, “put to music”.  SBS was a new ministry and, not having seen their presentation, we decided to invite them to Texas.  The invitation came not only because we are friends, but because we know their hearts are sold out for Jesus Christ.  We knew that however they had artistically created their marital memoir, it would be God honoring, professional, and well produced.  (Not to mention that we had heard them sing for years and they are just awesome.)  The evening of the program, we fully expected to understand Steve and Lisa’s perspective on what God did, how He worked, in each of their lives.  We were not disappointed.  We each thought the sharing was very well presented, even when dealing with difficult truths, and we appreciated the sincere transparency.  It was very clear to us that a great deal of time and sensitivity had been spent on their expert preparation.  Everything we experienced that evening was unique; from the candid-speak, to the way the stories and songs were interwoven.  This is not a performance, but story telling at it’s finest.

We are all broken people and can relate to the themes of struggle and need for restoration.  In only an hour, we were transported to a place where Steve and Lisa share their testimony, as two people who are bringing their best before the Lord and using the talents He has given them to speak hope into the lives of all who will listen.  We would recommend this story experience to anyone in need of honesty, depth, authenticity, and the true hope of Jesus Christ and His amazing grace.

Mark and Amanda Hawkins

"Thank you, Steve and Lisa, for your transparency in sharing your story....we left with hearts of gratitude..."
-Stuart and Vicki Montgomery